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Post by RangerVudoo on Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:01 pm

Rank Insig' 001-Soldat (Pvt.)
The Basic unit of the military your a boot.

Rank Insig' 011-Gefreiter (Gfr.)
You have shown your skill in battle and have shown up to 3 events
Rank Insig' 021-Obergefreiter (Cpl.)
You have earned the respect of your comrades and may be given a small detachment you have shown up to 5 events.
Rank Insig' 041-Stabsgefreiter (Kpts.)
You are now an NCO and may be given a small line. (Note you must complete the basic leaders course) you have shown great skill and courage in battle and must have shown up to 8 events. You will be added to the seniors group.
Rank Insig' 111-Unteroffizier (Sgt.)
You are now a full blown leader if one of the officers die you must take command of your men you have shown immense skill in battle and you will be added to the Seniors group in the forums to show your status you must have shown up at 10 events.
Rank Insig' 134-F%C3%A4hnrich (Ens.)
You are a senior enlisted man you are the highest enlisted rank in the group you have your own line or division of troops you will be in the Officers group on the forums and must have shown up to 16 events. You are trusted and well like you are a commander now.
Rank Insig' 221-Oberleutnant Lieutenant
RangerVudoo: Propaganda Officer of the 7th Jagers
Rank Insig' 231-Hauptmann Captain
Whisper: Commander of the 7th Jagers.

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