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Post by Whisper on Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:08 pm

Guerrilla Warfare: Skirmisher type warfare. Use of cover, Retreating, Outnumbered assaults, and Forest warfare

Line Warfare: The back bone of the century. Proper firing maneuvers, charging, firing ethics, and formations.

Melee: Hand to hand. Strikes, blocking, defensive melee, offensive melee, cavalry defense.

Cavalry: Horse Fighting. Charges, Lancing, Flanking, Ranged combat, formations, and horse to horse.

Artillery: Support. How to use the canon, Different types of munition, firing orders, and close arty.

Sapper: Building. How to build, what to build in different situations, where to build, and defensive.

Basic Leaders Course (note only available to sergeants and above). Leading: Tactics, teamwork, formations, defensive, offensive, and retreating.

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